What I Offer


Photography is my passion

I am to photograph timeless moments in peoples lives. Moments that can never be repeated but will live throught the art that is photoraphy.


My goal with every wedding is to be like a fly on the wall, capturing moments and events fleetingly. Small inbetween moments that don’t seem important and the photos that ring the truest with my clients. Photography is art and art is what I want to create at every wedding.


No place is too far for me to travel for elopement photography. I will travel to the other side of the world to capture beautiful elopements. Places like Canada, New Zealand, Africa and South America are places that I would love photograph elopements. So please contact me if you are looking to elope at any of these destinations.


Engagement photography is all about having fun and being totally crazy. Swim in your clothes, have a mud fight but just be in love. That is my ultimate goal. To show the love you have for each other.


You children grow up so fast, so it is important to capture them reguarly throughout the years. I recommend that evey family gets a professional family photo taken every year. You would not belive how fast they grow up. Bright, fun family photography is what I am all about.