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High Altitude Bonspiel – Colorado Springs Photographer

This weekend we participated in our first ever curling tournament, which is called a Bonspiel.  We were fortunate enough to play inside the World Arena, in Colorado Springs, which is home to many Olympic athletes.  The tournament was a 4 game minimum guarantee, with the Championship matches happening as I type this.  :-)  We had a good run, went 2-2, lost in the semi-final match in the last end.  We have only been playing as a team for two curling seasons, so we walked away very confident in our curling abilities against some more seasoned teams.  I was able to bring “the big camera” down for a few actions shots, but first up is the other half of our team, Mark and Karen!  You two are such a blast to curl with…we hope to play in many Bonspiels together in the future!!

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April 28, 2013 - 9:31 pm

Jackie Gleason - Once athletes always athletes!

WSU Women’s Football Clinic

This past weekend, me, my sister and several girlfriends headed down to Pullman, WA, home of the Washington State University Cougars.  I hadn’t been to Wazzu in over 8 years, so it was most definitely time for a visit.  Our first stop was to Sella’s, which HANDS DOWN makes the BEST bread twists in the USA.  After our lunch, we did a little shopping and got some great Wazzu gear!

Then, we headed to the WSU Women’s Football clinic, which consisted of some drinking, a football player fashion show, a tour of the new football stadium additions, then a break-out session of offensive and defensive drills.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!  This will most definitely be an annual tradition!  Might have to actually spend the night next time.

I didn’t want to bring my big camera with me, so you get a collage of cell-phone pics from the trip.  Enjoy!

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Spring Breakin’ in Arizona – Part 3

We rounded out our vacation with a photo-shoot of the boys (PICTURES POSTED SOON!), Easter at Rawhide, where the kids got sworn in as town Sheriff’s, which was just as cool as being a GC Park Ranger!  We also hit up the Arizona Science Center and Dbacks opening day at Chase Field!  I didn’t want to lug around my camera to the Dbacks game, so you get the joy of looking at a cell phone collage below.  Oh, one more thing…we went to The Great and Powerful Oz movie to pass the time while we waited for our flight and didn’t make it through it…Ryland got scared when one of the witches turned into the wicked-witch, so we left.  Just when it was gettin’ good, too!  :-)

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April 6, 2013 - 1:28 am

Mom/grandma - Great family memories!!! Can’t wait to see you all in May!

Spring Breakin’ in Arizona – Part 2

Day two was our journey to the great Grand Canyon!  Our first stop was in Williams, AZ to visit Bearizona, which is a drive-through wildlife park.  The animals roam free, which was really neat!  The boys were a little scared that a bear was going to attack us, but we made it out alive.  A real life Jurassic Park (ish).  This was definitely a highlight of our trip!  Once we made it to the Grand Canyon, we had to wait nearly 30-45 min just to get through the front gates.  So, a word to the wise…buy your ENTRY tickets at the NatGeo Imax Theater area in town FIRST before heading into the park…that way you can zoom through line 1 and avoid the wait!!  The kids had 1 mission while at the GC…to become a Junior Park Ranger!  They had to complete 4 pages in their Junior Ranger books and then attend a ranger-guided tour.  We BARELY made it back to the visitor center before closing for the boys to get sworn in as official Junior Rangers…they were SOOOOOO excited!!

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April 5, 2013 - 2:57 pm

Mom/grandma - Isn’t the Grand Canyon amazing. Mark do not jump!!!! So much family fun! Love, ME

Spring Breakin’ in Arizona – Part 1

Day one…me and the kiddos rolled into Phoenix at around 7:00 AM to meet up with Mark, who had flown in the night before from Texas.  If you do the math correctly, you can figure out what time we had to wake up in Denver in order to land in PHX at 7 AM.  Yikes!  Day one consisted of a Spring Training game (KS Royals vs. Cleveland Indians) in Surprise, AZ and an outing to Rehab Burger in Scottsdale, AZ.  It is amazing how you can live in a city for over 3 years and still find new things to explore when on vacation.  After our AWESOME burgers, we decided to take a quick walk around old-town Scottsdale to walk off a few calories.  After our walk, it was early to bed in order to make the trek up to The Grand Canyon!!  Pics from the GC will be posted tomorrow!!  Enjoy!

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April 4, 2013 - 3:41 pm

Mom - Love these pics. The boots are awesome!