A few days ago, Ryland and I hopped onto the golf course around sunset to get a few shots of the course and a few quick snaps of Ryland, too.  It was sooooo cute...I asked Ry if he wanted to come on the course with me and he said "yes, but let me go get my camera, too!".  

So, off we went, camera in hand, on our photo safari.  

Ryland absolutely LOVES golfing.  He was very confused that I took some golf balls with me, but didn't have a putter.  So, he used his feet to kick the ball in the hole.  We had a wonderful evening.  Here are a few shots from our journey.

sara says:

gorgeous!! love these :)

(07.28.10 @ 03:24 PM)
Audrey Fisher says:

How fun! My family is obsessed with golfing, and I seem to have hundreds of images from various golf courses around the country. My fav is of your son laying next to the hole looking up at you!

(07.28.10 @ 03:25 PM)
Nadine Gerlach says:

Hi ya,

what lens did ya use Keri???

Love the pics

(07.28.10 @ 03:29 PM)
Lindsay Bogenschuetz says:

Love these Keri! He is so darn cute!!

(07.28.10 @ 03:58 PM)
Carrie Beardslee says:

He is such a cutie! My boys have those same shoes :) Love the sunset pic!

(07.28.10 @ 08:48 PM)
Rob says:

LOVE the sunset photo!

(08.02.10 @ 10:39 AM)
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I got an email from my sister yesterday, stating she was going to blog about her Half-Marathon adventure.  She has decided to take the big step and join my mom and I for the big Rock N' Roll Marathon in Denver, CO.  We are about 3 weeks into training and so far, so good!  Last Saturday was my 5 mile walk and this Saturday, I up it to 6 miles, lets hope it cools down a little for me!!

Anyhow, if you want to follow her progress, go check out her blog here:  Katie's Blog

Give her a little blog-love for running-inspiration!  :-)  Good job Katie!!


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Last week I had the wonderful pleasure of shooting Bree's headshots for the CRAVE Denver book.  Bree owns Buxom, which is located at 1535 Platte Street in the downtown Denver area.  Her store is amazing!!  Full of color, awesome accessories and amazing clothing!!  

Here is the description of her store directly from her website:  Buxom is a spectacular new shopping experience located in Denver, just west of downtown in the Platte River Arts area. We have plus size clothing to fit all your styles; from the make an impression I mean business meeting to the hop on a scooter zip I need a latte morning - we're filling the shop with fashionable items for women who live life to the fullest.

Here are a few shots from her store.  It was awesome meeting you, Bree!  I am sure we will connect up in the future!!

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A couple months ago, Rebecca contacted me from Colorado Meetings and Events Magazine asking if they could use one of my ISES Denver tablescape images for an article in their magazine.  Of course!!  Well, the publication is now available and I wasn't expecting my photograph to take over a full spread, but I love it!!  

When I first came into town I knew no one, well, except for all the Denver photogs I friended on Facebook.  I heard there was a big ISES event that showcased some BEAUTIFULLY designed tables from some of the top decorators in town.  I shot an email to one of the coordinators, Michelle, to see if I could get a vendor table last-minute.  She was so gracious to squeeze me in and I met some fabulous people!  To say the tables were beautiful is an understatement, they were extraordinary! 

Here is the table that was showcased in Colorado Meetings and Events Magazine (the second image below).  Please see the vendor list below that highlights everyone who worked on this table.  The whole production of this table cost over $1600!  

If you'd like to see a copy of the entire magazine, here is the link:  Colorado and Events Magazine Link


Picture 5.png

Mom says:

Love that lens! Is that the fish one? I am doing to get a copy of the magazine. Moms need to have that stuff.

(07.23.10 @ 08:02 AM)
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OK, watch out world!  I am bringin' my specialty Mac N' Cheese into your home and hearts!  This post will show you how to make the BEST Mac N' Cheese out there and will also showcase my horrible excellent cooking skills.

First, buy the best box-o-lunch out there, Kraft Mac N' Cheese.  I decided to upgrade for today's post and I purchased the SPIRALS instead of regular ole macaroni (your welcome).

 (1 of 8)1.jpg
Next, boil some water.  

TIP:  Add some salt to the water (why, I don't know, but Food Network people always do that)

 (2 of 8)1.jpg
Once you have a rapid boil, add the Spirals. 

TIP:  Remember to take the powdered-cheese packet OUT of the box before you dump out the pasta (OOPS!)

 (3 of 8)1.jpg

Once the pasta is cooked and drained, add the packet o' cheese, butter and milk.

TIP:  Although the directions say "add 3 TBLS (tablespoons) of Fat Free Milk", I added some 2% milk (walkin' out on a limb here).  I felt this gave the Mac N' Cheese a more creamy texture.  Holla!!

 (4 of 8)1.jpg
Now here is where I really shine...I let the Mac N Cheese sit for about 3.5 minutes.  This will allow my emulsifiers (another Food Network term that I am probably using incorrectly) to thicken up so it won't be too runny.

 (5 of 8)1.jpg
Lastly, it is all about presentation.  After searching through the fridge, I found some old celery.  I chopped off the flowery part at the top and added it to the Mac N Cheese bowls.  Did my kids eat that part?  I am sre they did not.

 (6 of 8)1.jpg
Thanks for taking the time to learn how to make stellar Mac N' Cheese.  If anyone has any tips or tricks to make box-o-Mac N' Cheese a little better, leave me a comment, I would love to know!!  :-)

And, because this is all that matters, here is a shot of Ryland's review (ok, I bribed him a bit with candy, but it's all good):

 (8 of 8)1.jpg

kim says:

you are so funny!

(07.22.10 @ 10:01 AM)
Rob says:

Hahaha.. What a fun post! You have me laughing at work:) Thanks!

(07.22.10 @ 10:09 AM)
megan snyder says:

This is hilarious!! My tip: 3 tbls butter and only a drop of milk. Sprinkle johnnys seasonsing salt priorto serving. :)

(07.22.10 @ 12:30 PM)
Mom says:

You bribed him with candy? I would think that delish mac and cheese would be enough. Fun post!

(07.22.10 @ 01:22 PM)
Patrick Farrington says:

If you want it creamier, try whole milk instead. As for add-ins, there's always the classic frozen peas and tuna :-)

(07.22.10 @ 06:58 PM)
Becky Young says:

Hahaha, this post is hilarious Keri!! Thank you for sharing your amazing skills! =)

(07.23.10 @ 07:51 AM)
myrian peery says:

You are so funny! You make macaroni & cheese look fabulous!!!

(07.23.10 @ 02:22 PM)
sarah Heinle says:

I loved the cooking post. We add grated cheese to ours to make it cheesy.

(07.28.10 @ 02:04 PM)
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