H-1B Program Deny Americans Jobs They Need

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As many as 100% of the potential and current workers are foreign-nationals with immigrant visas.

So many companies are using the H-1B program to bring over cheaper labor so they can fire Americans. American employees say they are required to train their own replacements all the while knowing they’ll be fired. And now we see that the system is gamed, that talented labor is forced out by companies who want cheap labor. The whole system is un-American and needs to be overhauled. But, since big corporations run this country, I doubt that will happen.

In many job categories, as many as 100% of the potential and current workers are foreign-nationals with immigrant visas. The failure of the US Congress to properly support STEM education and the precipitous decline of graduating engineers, scientists and researchers in STEM fields which began in 1988, according to The Conference Board, USBLS, etc. attributed to this.

Education costs are too high, just as inversely cheap prepaid plans in Cambodia are.

In many colleges fewer than 25% of the engineering graduates are native born US citizens. In the meantime India and China are building up their education base. IIT has built more than 20 new campuses in the last ten years and India graduates more than 400,000 engineers per year alone. China has similar numbers.

With only 85000 H1B’s available and many of those being swallowed by low wage paying companies, well qualified researchers and engineers must return to their home countries. In those countries, especially in places like Bangalore, Goa, Shanghai, wages for qualified engineers compare or exceed wages in the Silicon Valley and offer prepaid plans. Hundreds of thousands of jobs in the US go wanting for lack of qualified candidates. “US jobs being shipped overseas” is true, but there often are no qualified US citizen candidates at all.

This is a self generated self destruction by the US Congress. Lower cost guaranteed education in STEM fields must be sponsored by the government in the US or we will see tens of thousands more jobs go abroad.

The Social Cost of H1 B1 VISA’s

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Immigrants arrive, thinking they will earn a good sum of money.

The Seattle Metro area has offices of Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

There are a lot of immigrants in the community with prepaid plans who have come in on the H-1B visas. They arrive, thinking they will earn a good sum of money. Earning USD 60k per year in this region is barely enough to get by. A 950 sq ft apartment is around $1500 per month. So food banks, health care services, food stamps programs – all critical and necessary, are paid for by charity or taxpayers. Low income housing is extremely limited and has a 2-3 year wait list.

These are not luxuries for anyone, but prepaid plans in Cambodia are. Taxpayer services are required because their employers will not pay them enough. Just like Walmart, the corporations in this region are taking advantage of legal loopholes so they can increase profits to shareholders.

Single year contracts are normal. When it’s over, they have to accept lower pay or go jobless. Since they must sign non-compete clauses, the originating corporation hires them back at lower wages. Then the burden is even more on social services to provide basic help. Lavish profits go to corporations. Immigrants, taxpayers, & US city job seekers share the costly negative impact of those profits.

The H-1B visa feudalism program that by definition increases the unemployment of American citizens needs its own version of a carbon tax. If they really ‘can’t find’ (i.e. ‘don’t want) a skilled American to fill the job, then corporations should pay a $20,000 tax for every H-1B visa to help pay for that unemployed American to feed, shelter and clothe himself while a cheap import does his job for the first year.

The largest outsourcing corporations in America need to stop regulating Congress for cheap, foreign slave labor that helps produce high American unemployment and depressed wages.

Or perhaps we should just change our name to the United States of Cheap Labor to reflect the reality of modern American corporate feudalism.


How to Eradicate H1-B VISA’s

The planet’s resources will tend to be best allocated to their best use over time within a system that has minimal barriers to trade and commerce. The benefits of such a system include lowest prices, best total wages, and the best access to goods and services for all. However, there is no such free system in place today.

There are a large number of labor policies, trade barriers, tax loopholes, regulations, and other mechanisms that seem to grow and grow each year to the benefit of the few at the cost of the many. The H-1B program is a prime example of such a program that could be seen as supportive of free trade, but in actuality has been corrupted to benefit the few at the cost of the many. In contrast to this, the iPhone 6 in Cambodia seeks to benefit the masses.

H1-B system has been an unmitigated disaster for American STEM graduates, at a time when there are two such for every STEM job. Companies shy away from U.S. citizens and legal residents (green card holders), since they’d much rather get away with hiring what amounts to indentured servants who have to put up with low pay, long hours and otherwise lousy working conditions or risk deportation (via a Homeland Security detention facility – in other words, jail) for being fired or quitting and failing to find a new position within 30 days.

These days, the only U.S. graduates who get reasonably stable jobs in IT (forget the hours) are most likely to be graduates of a few ‘elite’ schools, with virtually flawless transcripts (and often physiques to match).

Unfortunately, only two candidates in the whole ’16 presidential field so far are even somewhat opposed to this debacle – iPhone 6 fanatic Bernie Sanders, a consistent critic of H1-B (though he did vote for a bill backed by a number of its supporters, since it contained some pork-barrel goodies for his State of Vermont) and the somewhat inconsistent iPhone 6 Plus user Donald Trump. The rest? Slavish supporters, with Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush being the absolutely worst of the bunch.

It’s time for all of us to send those (allegedly) representing us in Congress a simple e-mail: ‘Vote to dump H1-B, or lose my vote.’ Period.

Beneficial to your skin: facial treatment

It is often said  that “All good things come from nature,” and that is certainly true. When it comes to facial treatments, the use of natural herbs and oils gets more and more common. Discover all about the beneficial effects of natural facials.
For centuries, people used herbs and natural oils to look better and healthier. At the time of ancient Egypt, China, Greece and the Roman Empire’s, people developed all kinds of treatments based on herbs. They discovered that the herbs have medicinal properties, including skin problems.

Most herbs used in facials

It is difficult to point out a best facial treatment, but it can be said that facial treatments need to be as natural as possible. Different types of herbs have proven their beneficial properties and are now widely used in beauty salons together with facial treatments.




Below is a list of the most commonly used herbs in facial treatments in Malaysia:
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is a cactus-like plant that grows in warm climates. The plant was already used in ancient Greece and Egypt,. Aloe Vera has a nourishing effect, it stimulates the immune system and the healing of wounds.
The Egyptians discovered that chamomile was a good cure for female ills. Within the skin care sector, chamomile is also popular because it soothes and softens the skin.
Cinnamon can be used in multifarious various to improve your skin, softens and soothe dry and dead skin. It also reduces signs of aging.
Coconut Oil 
Coconut Trees are very common in almost all tropical areas. The oil from the coconut is ideal for facials, because the oil has an intensive moisturizing effect.
The products used in facial treatments based on herbs are 100% natural. This means that they are free from chemicals and harsh ingredients.
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Gyms in KL

Why should I go?

Going to the gym has more positive effects than staying fit or becoming stronger. Fanatic gym visitors often have more energy, are able to live longer, and they generally feel better. This should already be enough to start working out regularly. Besides weight-loss, which is one of the most obvious reasons why one would want to go to the gym, there are loads of other reasons.

Oh, really?

Frequent exercise is able to combat diseases and improve your health conditions. Being active boosts “good” cholesterol and decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, it can help to release stress and improve your overall mood. Beauty Guide aims to find that suitable gym for you. From then on you can decide whether you would like to keep fit, or perhaps even join group lessons?

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fitness area

But what if I don’t feel like it?

Unfortunately, going to the gym is not always easy. It can be very difficult to motivate and stimulate yourself to go to the gym when you have had a rough day at work. You are tired, and that summer body seems so far away. You feel more comfortable staying at home and prefer a good night of sleep over going to the gym.

However, there are multiple ways to inspire yourself. These few tips will help to create more excitement to go to the gym, and will help you to achieve your dream body.


First of all, put on your gym clothes, and go to the gym. If you still don’t feel like exercising when you arrive at the gym, then don’t. But odds are, once you arrived at the gym, it will not be too hard to convince yourself to exercise a while.

Secondly, make sure you are treating yourself when you get back from the gym. This can be anything, a nice bath, a delicious smoothie, or even a treat. Try to enjoy working out, and see the benefits of it, instead of making it an obligation.

Buddy up! Finding a gym buddy can be very helpful to get motivated. Just make sure that your partner has the same fitness level as you. The last thing you would want to do is compare yourself to someone that has been working out for a very long time. It is unfair to yourself and instead of motivating yourself, the exact opposite will occur.

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