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Everything You Need To Know When Looking For Roof Designs

Besides protecting you from weather conditions, your roof also determines the character of your home. Previously, roofs only had a protective function but these days, they can be completely adjusted to personal preferences. Currently, there are so many different rooftops that we understand that you can’t see the wood for the trees anymore, therefore we […]

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A helping hand to choose the ideal countertop

If you are looking for a personalized kitchen, it might be hard to find the right person for it. Especially the countertop can be a tough decision, when you have to choose between the different kinds of countertops. There are wooden countertops, metal countertops, glass, tile and even stone countertops.

Wooden countertops

Wooden countertops are probably […]

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Verandas and Their Natural Enchantment!

Verandas, who doesn’t like them? I mean from the outside, they can look simplistic, as their construction design is pretty simple, but what happens under them are memories you’ll hardly forget.
If you did not catch it from the first lines, I am a truly veranda-lover. What I love the most, besides all kinds of decorations […]

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La Buona Cucina – The Good Food

In Kuala Lumpur, Asian food is delicious and we are not coming short on anything food wise, but sometimes you just really crave for some western food. And when I say Western food, I mean the Italian cuisine, because who doesn’t love Italian food?
Italians attach much dedication and time on their food and use the […]

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A Night Out in Dazzling Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur has it all; lovely food courts, traditional neighbourhoods like Little India and Chinatown, highly modern shopping centers and of course the famous skyscrapers. Enough to explore during day time! Night time has so much to offer too, but how do you know where to spend your night? This article will tell you the […]

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Fine dining Italian restaurant in KL? Marini’s on 57 has it all!

This Italian restaurant is located on the 57th floor, just meters away from the Petronas Towers. Many people have heard of the Petronas Twin Towers, but not of the third tower, where Marini’s on 57 is located. Having said that, this definitely ensures you of one of the best views of Kuala Lumpur.
This restaurant has […]

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Evergreen Mojito!

How many of you right now, after looking at this picture, wished to be lying at the poolside, admiring the sunset, surrounded by friends with a tasty mojito in your hands? Well, no matter what setting you are imagining, it’s never the wrong time for a Mojito. Whether you simply wanna enjoy a drink before […]

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Misplaced Priorities and Blossoming Greed

Between 1973 and now, hourly worker productivity grew 72%. On the other hand, broadband internet pay for the typical worker rose just 9% between 1973 and 2014, or a 0.2% annual rate. But net productivity grew at a much higher 1.33% annual pace in the same time. Things have gotten even worse since 2000: net […]

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KL Nightlife: Changkat Edition

If I were to tell you that the city of Kuala Lumpur starts coming to life from 10pm onwards, would you even have believed that? Won’t everyone else be tucked in bed by then? Not in Malaysia for sure! The locals truly enjoy spending their night out in the most unique ways. They would be seen sipping teh ais […]

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Fine Dining Etiquette

Fine dining may not be for everyone, but it is definitely a once in a life time experience for some. What exactly is it? Fine dining restaurants are typically high end fancy restaurants. Compared to casual eateries, which are a lot more family-style oriented, fine dining caters to an upscale audience and provides not only high quality food but a high […]

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